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How does it work?
We have our own dedicated Minecraft server, running on the Java Edition of Minecraft (version 1.18.2). This means the PC, Mac, or Linux version is the preferred version for anyone purchasing the game to play.
We also have a workaround for those wishing to join from a Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Pocket Edition (mobile/tablets) or Minecraft for Windows 10 this is almost exactly the same process to join the game.
For consoles (Xbox One, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch) there are extra steps required. These steps can be found in the link below.

Within our Minecraft World, we have the functionality to secure areas so that individuals or groups of kids and young people can build their creations without worrying about being attacked by other players through a plugin called Towney. For safety, we have a whitelist active on our server, which means that nobody can connect to the server without permission.

Our voice chat service of choice is Discord, which is an app widely used for voice communication for gaming and will provide us with a high-quality method of communication, with the functionality to separate into age-based groups to better protect everyone. All text communications on the server are kept on record and reviewed by bot’s (computerized filters) and our team to help to monitor and catch any inappropriate behaviour and/or language.

Our leaders have completed Safe Ministry Checks and hold current blue cards.

We use Discord for voice and text chat communications. This server is for kids and young people only, with the exception of our Admin team, in alignment with our Safe Ministry Plan. This server is designed to provide a safe place where kids can chat with others via both voice and/or text communications.
As a part of the signup process for our Minecraft server, there is the option to supply a discord name,
If you are a parent setting up a new account for your child or young person, we highly recommend giving the link below a read.


Fill in the form below to request permission to join the server.
This form is designed to let us know who is playing from an account and allow access to the appropriate servers.
Kids and young people who have attended a program at Whitehill and are already in our database will be approved as a priority while referrals from a friend may require further verification to ensure our servers remain a safe place.

To join our Minecraft and Discord servers you will need a parent or guardian to complete the consent form below. You will also need to read and sign, along with your parent or guardian, the Minecraft Code of Conduct, included in the form below.

Once completed and approved, we will send you the information you will need to join the Minecraft and Discord Servers

NOTE: This process can take up to 48 hours.

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